Tuesday, July 23, 2013

36 weeks//almost ready

FEELING: Lots of pelvic pain lately. Thinking that may have something to do with Vi being posterior. Also extremely tired during the day, but having trouble going to sleep at night. The severe heartburn doesn't help.

THINKING: We're almost there. This pregnancy is almost over. Soon, I'll be holding my baby girl in my arms rather than in my belly. It doesn't seem real.

CRAVING: Calm. Clean. Relaxation. I want everything to be done and to be able to just sit and not have to go through a mental list of things that are yet to be done, or things that were done but are now being undone. But of course, as a mama to two toddlers, that's just not possible.

DOING: Last minute prep. We have everything we need for Violet. All of our birth supplies have been purchased. The birth kit and tub were dropped off yesterday. Now, it's just the little details.

OTHER: Little lady is still head down. My midwife is estimating her to be about 6.5lbs. That seems crazy to me. Helena was 6lbs11oz at 38 weeks. I wonder if Violet will be my biggest? I was also told that she is laying posterior, and has been for the past few appointments. Anthony and I have been assigned to do spinning babies techniques to try and get her into a better position. I really hope we can. I've heard how horrible back labor is, and I'd really hate to experience it. Especially after two breezy labors.

Four more days and I'm full term.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Busy Saturday.

We had quite a busy day today.

Jordan started his very first class today. "Sports of All Sorts". It's for ages 3-5, and each week they learn about a different sport. Today was soccer. It was the cutest thing ever! It was an hour long class in 80+ degree heat and by the end, he was pooped. He had Anthony carry him back to the car.

It was also my sweet Helena's 2nd birthday. Since we don't have any family (or really any friends) here, we didn't have a party. Instead we took the kids to do something fun. We went to a children's museum about and hour away and had so much fun! So many cool themed rooms. Both of them had a blast. I felt kind of lame because while all the parents were playing with their kids, I was sitting down. But hey, I'm 9 months pregnant and my feet were swelling. Can you blame me? ;)

We came home and had breakfast for dinner (Helena's favorite), and hello kitty cupcakes. Poor girl cried when I made her wait for her cupcake until we sang.

The kids got a nice long bubble bath, and then we opened presents. She opened them all and tossed them aside as fast as she could, and then played with each one. Her favorite seems to be the calico critter's sets we got her. She's been obsessed with cats, so I picked out the gray cat family and baby nursery and she was thrilled.

Sorry for the absence. This pregnancy has gotten harder now that we're creeping to the end, and the kids are getting much needier. I think they sense the change that's about to happen. 36 week update to come on Monday!

Monday, June 10, 2013

30 weeks

As of Saturday, I am 30 weeks pregnant!

FEELING: Lots of hip pain. Braxton hicks are much more frequent and stronger. Heartburn is still there, sometimes keeping me up at night. But I'm still goin'!

THINKING: Holy COW this is going so fast! 30 weeks already?! Anthony and I were talking thanksgiving plans yesterday when I said "I can't believe we're already talking about this. Wasn't thanksgiving like, 2 weeks ago?" Then I remembered...I got PREGNANT on thanksgiving! What the what! I seriously can't believe she'll be here so soon!

CRAVING: Watermelon. All of it. I'm seriously going through at least 4 a week.

DOING: I'm almost finished with her wardrobe! I only but newborn and 0-3 in the beginning. You just really never know how quickly/slowly they're going to grow, and I don't want the seasons to be off. We have a swing and bassinet picked out, just have to go get those. A few more things on the baby list and then I only have the home birth supplies left!

OTHER: I had an appointment today! The belly is measuring 32 weeks. Heartbeat is great, blood pressure is great, aaaaand baby is head DOWN! Yay! We're starting to discuss a back up plan, and I think I've decided on hiring a post partum doula. All exciting things that make d-day seem so close!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

This weekend.

New favorite spot.

Trying on hats at target.

Juice break.

Hotwheels wall-tracks are a huge hit.

Smothering daddy - with love.

Bathroom bump shots because why not?

Throw in a farmer's market trip and a nice long drive (both unphotographed), and you have the most relaxing weekend we've had in a while.

Monday, June 3, 2013

A little scare.

This little dude freaked his mama out today. Helena was napping and Jordan was happily watching Max & Ruby, I was feeling like crap so I decided to have a quick soak in the tub. I told Jordan, and kept the bathroom door cracked. I heard him messing with the linen closet door, but assumed he was just closing it (he kindly has a thing with open doors). A couple minutes later, I hear him yelp in pain.

I yelled his name. No response. I tried again, no response. I got out of there as fast as I could and found him with a bottle of bath and body works body spray with his eyes squeezed shut. I said his name and he started crying.

I took him into the bathroom, laid him on his side on a towel, and tried to rinse his eyes out. But let's face it, the kid's 3. He didn't open his eyes. I did the best I could, got dressed, and took him to my bed to cuddle.

I noticed he was blinking a lot. So I had him sit up and open his eyes as wide as he could. He couldn't keep them open. I asked him to look at my eyes, look at my finger, look at my phone. Any time he tried to focus on something, his eyes started rolling backwards. I. Freaked. Out.

I texted Anthony to call me, and when I answered, I burst into tears. I explained everything, said I didn't know if he was okay, and we agreed to meet at urgent care.

By the time we got there, about 20 minutes had passed. He still couldn't open his eyes all the way, said they hurt, and seemed sensitive to the sun.

The doctor saw him about 15 minutes later and did a quick dye test to check for chemical burn. Luckily, she saw nothing and said since he was acting normally by this point, he was probably totally fine. She also gave me things to look for if something like that happens again. He has an appointment with an ophthalmologist in the morning, just as a follow up and to make sure no damage showed up later.

SO I guess I over reacted a little. But that's better than under reacting, yeah?

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Reasons to smile.

Cutest cuddles.

Warm days.

Silly boy.

Examining mannequins.

Big belly.

29 weeks pregnant.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Zoo trip.

Last week, I learned about a zoo near my house. I asked a friend if she'd been, and she told me it was very nice and perfectly sized for toddlers. So since Anthony was off Monday, we decided to go.

It. Was. Great. It's definitely small, but it has the neatest animals. Some of them you can even touch. I pet a cavy, Helena attempted to pet a crane.

They had a baby lion that had just arrived there in March. He looked so cozy in his little doggie bed, just the sweetest thing. The kids loved him.

Helena desperately wanted to touch everything she could, but I stopped her a few times (like with the crane) if I thought they were more likely to bite. Jordan on the other hand was pretty apprehensive, as usual. I couldn't get him to feed the goats, and he got nervous when a llama and camel got too close. Especially when I told him they can spit (whoops).

The best part about this zoo, is it's in this whole park. There's a splash pad, a pool, lots of places to set up chairs and grill and eat, soccer fields, huge empty fields. There's even a little river (creek?) with a really nice walkway along it that reminds us of the river walk back home. We're very excited to spend lots of time there this summer!